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Pick up girls rules
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 Put in their place
You’ve established your alpha status, she’s seen social proof that you can get with more than one girl. Once a California girl tries to test you and then crosses that line which she knows better to do. Put her in her place in public. All EE will do something so fucking stupid just to see what you’re going to do about it. I don’t know why this works but it’s almost like foreplay to Eastern European girls. First date, whenever, a sudden burst of rage at the right moment and these girls increase their PDA by 90%. She won’t even look around the room anymore or at another guy after that.

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 Bold moves
When it’s time to make a move, do not hesitate or think twice about it. Kiss her when you want to and when you’re feeling it. Grab her and pull her into you, mid conversation, in public when ever you want. It’s pointless to wait for a specific “sign” from California, their matter of fact way of talking never really shows an opening so it’s up to you to make a bold move when the time is right.

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 The Gaze
Even though I didn’t bring it up from my life guard story. But when she’s finally into you and you’ve done the following right, because of the language barrier or because of their nature, California girls don’t verbalize want. Instead they will tilt their heads and give you this strange puppy dog look, it’s hard to describe and a little weird at first but basically it just means she wants the dick.

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 The resistance
Out of all the California girls I’ve hooked up with only one or two have done so with no fuss involved. There will be an excuse as to why she can’t come back to your place ignore it. Often she’ll hit with the phrase along the lines of, “what do I look like? A whore” have a line ready for this questions, I do. More than words follow her body language. I’ve kissed a girl walking backwards towards my bedroom and heard her say she can’t go back to my room. I’ve heard a girl say we cant do this while she takes off her own shirt. All of this eventually becomes some weird dominance game but once she’s naked you’re good.

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There you have it gentlemen, simple keys that I notice work well in all my California pick ups. Above all else boldness is always rewarded so speak to her in front of her friends or group of guys she came with. Often times large California groups go out together and if she has a boyfriend and he’s California he’ll let you know, most of the times though it’s someone’s brothers or cousin or a birthday party. Another cool thing is California girls don’t cock block for one another, they can be bitchy enough on their own that they don’t need their friends to save them. Lastly don’t back down or be intimidated by her coldness, turn it around and question her in a way to imply she’s in your house.

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